Your small architectural or design practice is competing for your love and attention… and it’s LOSING!

It’s competing against your ‘project passion’, creative genius, and the highs and lows of the Project Roller-coaster.

But when it loses – it handicaps your business (or even worse – it fails), and that’s strangling your project opportunities and can be overwhelming – increasing your stress and reducing your prosperity.

In fact, most small project-businesses are under-performing – not because of their project work (IN BUSINESS) but because they don’t invest the same rigour in managing their ON BUSINESS functions, and there are several reasons why they don’t.

The objective is not to spend more time, but to invest the right time in being more effective and efficient.

Small improvements can make a big difference to your Tipping Point, that transform your business from Striving into Thriving.

Let’s be clear – growth, transformation, improvement, etc – all involve change, which will require rigour, effort and time.

You have to decide if what you want is a passionate hobby or a sustainable business.

Our purpose is to simplify and improve the business management of small architectural and design practices, to make them more successful and resilient.

So they can step-up to their Next Level and convert their project-passion into Sustainable Prosperity, transforming their striving into thriving.

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