Are You a Problem-Solver or Solution Seeker?

What does your cane toad look like?

As an architect/designer, are you a problem-solver or solution-seeker?

Your projects require you to create a balanced solution through aggregated value-adding decisions, to deliver your design vision within restrictive constraints. The project problems (IN-Business) you solve are in the context of your larger solution, developed through Design Thinking.

Managing a small practice requires the same approach but it doesn’t happen.

ON-Business problems are usually seen in isolation (with limited understanding of scope and outcomes, usually supported by a lack of interest), however we still believe we have (or are capable of getting to) the answer.

This style of problem-solving just kicks the problems further down the road where they morph into something bigger.

So what’s wrong with that?

To illustrate this point, consider the government’s response to the problem of native beetles damaging sugar cane crops – at the time one of Australia’s significant rural industries.

Simple problem-solving

They introduced cane toads from Hawaii in 1935 to eat the native beetles.

Unfortunately, from the initial release of 102 toads there are now more than 200,000,000 and the numbers continue to increase exponentially as they spread across Australia – decimating wild fauna and being fatally toxic to anything that might prey on them.

It didn’t solve the original problem, instead it created multiple new problems that are significantly greater than the initial problem – and continue to get worse. The cost of damages and trying to mitigate the damage is massive, when compared to the initial problem.

Focus on your solutions

You were trained formally in architecture/design with structured methodologies to support your creative passion for projects. You were taught Design Thinking – to understand, create and deliver.

Now you manage a small practice that you weren’t trained to manage.

This can lead to stress and anxiety because you may not fully understand why, what and how things could be done to minimize the time required to do what’s needed and do it effectively. There’s no overview or big picture that helps you understand how it all fits together.

Unfortunately, this often leads to misdirection, avoidance or neglect with managing the practice, and the implications are far reaching because the practice becomes unsustainable as a business.

Seeking integrated solutions for managing your practice requires being open to other possibilities (where you may not have all the answers), a comprehensive approach that integrates and balances the 7 ON-Business Fundamentals that can help you understand, create and deliver your solution.

You need to step-up to YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

This programme, YOUR NEXT LEVEL is specifically designed for small architectural / design practices. It brings the same structure of Design Thinking to improving and integrating the 7 ON-Business Fundamentals – in a practical way.

Using IDEO’s breakdown of Design Thinking, when applied to ON-Business management.

  • Seek an understanding that ends in insight.
  • Create something that ends in ideas.
  • Deliver something that becomes reality.

The programme covers 14 sessions, with workshops that create deliverables you use day-to-day to successfully manage your practice. It creates a holistic framework that encourages continual improvement across your ON-Business Fundamentals, which provides you with…

Freedom through Structure

Generate the freedom to pursue your passion for projects, because you have created a business structure that can be relied upon to practically manage your practice and convert striving into thriving to deliver your Sustainable Prosperity.

Are you a problem-solver or a solution-seeker for your practice?

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