Are you a Problem-Solver or Solution Seeker?

As an architect/designer, are you a problem-solver or solution-seeker?

Your projects require you to create a balanced solution through aggregated value-adding decisions, to deliver your design vision within restrictive constraints.

Managing your business requires the same approach but it doesn’t happen.

Here, problems are usually seen in isolation (with a lack of interest, scope and synergies), to which we believe we have (or are capable of getting to) the answer.

This style of problem-solving just kicks the problems further down the road where they morph into something bigger.

Let me illustrate this point, cane toads were introduced into Australia from Hawaii in 1935 to solve the problem of native beetles damaging sugar cane crops. From the initial release of 102 toads there are more than 200,000,000 – decimating wild fauna and being fatally toxic to anything that might prey on them.

It didn’t solve the original problem but they continue to spread multiple new problems.

Seeking integrated solutions to the problems of managing your business requires being open to all possible ideas (where you may not have all the answers), then finding someone who can help create your solution.

Are you a problem-solver of a solution-seeker for your business?

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