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what hat are you wearing today?

Your job is infinite. There will always be more to do, but your time is finite, so you can’t simply keep adding more hours.

In addition to being creative (even genius at times), knowledgeable, professional and passionately committed to your projects – leading your client, your team, other consultants, contractors, suppliers and external stakeholders… 

You also have to be the visionary CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO and Rain Maker, running your business.

You’re juggling working IN and ON your architecture business and it seems like all the balls are in the air – all the time.

You react to issues on an ad hoc basis, so it’s no surprise that when you fail to catch one – there are consequences.


You were trained formally in architecture/design with structured methodologies to support your creative passion for projects. You were taught Design Thinking – to understand, create and deliver.

Now you have the leadership of a small practice that you weren’t trained to manage.

This can lead to stress and anxiety. You may not fully understand why, what and how things could be done to reduce the time required to do what’s needed, and do it effectively. There’s no overview or big picture that helps you understand how it all fits together.

Unfortunately, this often leads to misdirection, avoidance or neglect with managing the practice and business development. The implications are far reaching because the practice becomes unsustainable as a business.

It can feel like you’re drowning, but a business coach for architects can help.

You need to step-up to YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

This is a programme specifically designed for architects and designers looking to grow their business. It brings the same structure of Design Thinking to improving and integrating the 7 ON-Business Fundamentals – in a practical way.

Stepping-up to YOUR NEXT LEVEL is delivered in 3 steps:

  1. POSITION – objectively determine where you are and define where you want to be.
  2. SIMPLIFY – create tools and techniques that can be applied across all 7 ON-Business Fundamentals.
  3. IMPROVE – Understand, create and deliver your improvements to each ON-Business Fundamental, then monitor and control the outcomes (go to SERVICES page for more details).

It combines the three steps to deliver one clear objective…

Freedom through Structure

The freedom to pursue your passion for projects because you have created a strong business structure. One that can be relied upon to practically manage your practice and convert striving into thriving. As a business coach for architects, I can help to deliver your Sustainable Prosperity.

Where do you find your joy in practicing architecture and design?

Do you have the freedom to enjoy that?

Create your freedom of time, energy and focus, to do what you enjoy – what you’re good at.

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business coach for architects
business coach for architects
business coach for architects
business coach for architects


Every small practice starts out frolicking in their ‘ocean of dreams’. Waving to all their clients and stakeholders, encouraging them to dive in and join them… Until they get too tired from treading water, unable to reach their safe place.

Then it’s a rescue mission!

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Can a business coach for architects help you?

If you want to grow your practice with less stress, I’m here to help. As a professional small business consultant, I know what’s required to build your practice the right way.

Annabell Chapman / Architect / Founder

“My architectural practice has been operating continuously for more than 20 years, yet I found myself stressing about managing it as a business.

I decided to work with Simon to simplify and improve how I managed the business.

The impact was almost immediate, we’ve increased our revenue, we have a steady positive cash flow, and reduced the unpaid additional work we were doing. 

Simon has definitely helped us to get back on track and step-up to another level.”