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what hat are you wearing today?

Your job is infinite, there will always be more to do, but your time is finite – so you can’t simply keep adding more hours.

In addition to being creative (even genius at times), knowledgeable, professional and passionately committed to your projects – leading your client, your team, other consultants, contractors, suppliers and external stakeholders… 

You also have to be the visionary CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO and Rain Maker, running your business.

You’re juggling working IN and ON your business and it seems like all the balls are in the air – all the time.

You react to issues on an ad hoc basis, so it’s no surprise that when you fail to catch one – there are consequences.


Every small practice starts out with Demand Management, setting out what needs to be done in their Client Agreement– but NOT how it will be achieved.

So they adopt Iterative Aggregation – providing an infinite service “it’ll be done when it’s done” continually burning time and money until the ‘best’ solution is identified, developed, documented and implemented, which commercially conflicts with the reality of their finite percentage or fixed fee.

It’s an infinite service that nearly always exceeds the finite profitable fee available to pay for it.

Then there’s a crisis (there’s always a crisis) and you switch into Crisis Management, which diverts you away from your Demand Management, resulting in more balls being dropped. One crisis becomes several, and this vicious circle repeats itself.

To free yourself and the practice from this vicious circle and get back on track, requires a transition to Exception Management.

Exception Management sets norms with predictable or estimated results, against which the actual performance is assessed. If there is a deviation, it provides early detection, and corrective action can be taken.

Establishing norms defines what people should be doing, and results in reduced time and effort required to manage them. It allows them to operate with greater autonomy.

It’s not about getting lucky, it’s about proven processes.

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Every small practice starts out frolicking in their ‘ocean of dreams’, waving to all their clients and stakeholders, encouraging them to  to dive in and join in.

Until they get too tired from treading water, unable to reach their safe place.

Then it’s a rescue mission!


Annabell Chapman / Architect / Founder

“My architectural practice has been operating continuously for more than 20 years, yet I found myself stressing about managing it as a business.

I decided to work with Simon to simplify and improve how I managed the business.

The impact was almost immediate, we’ve increased our revenue, we have a steady positive cash flow, and reduced the unpaid additional work we were doing. 

Simon has definitely helped us to get back on track and step-up to another level.”