How do you know everything is OK?


Ask the leaders of small architectural or design practices “How’s business” and their responses might range from.

  1. We’re really busy thanks!
  2. I think we’re doing OK.
  3. There are things we could improve, but we’ve been too busy.
  4. We’ve been busy, so we haven’t really thought about it.

How do they know it’s OK? What’s ‘busy’?

Is it…busy re-doing work due to lack of quality systems, or busy with unpaid variations because they were not issued or approved, busy now – but lack of marketing means there’s nothing in the pipeline – and it goes on and on.

Busy is good but what’s important… is sustainability, to be capable of renewing (growing) and continuing the business indefinitely (ask any large practice how important that is).

Every architectural and design website declares an undying commitment to the much-needed ideals of sustainability… in the design, the materials, the construction processes.

The reality is, it can’t be achieved if the business is not sustainable, because if you can’t stay in business, you can’t deliver sustainable projects – you are simply not going to be around.

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