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Office 8 92a Mona Vale Road, Warriewood NSW 2102

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Frequently Asked Questions

These may help answer some of your questions, if there is something else you would like to know, please send us an email from this page.

Will I be locked into a Contract?

No, the services to be provided are defined to add value to your ON-Business functions and are progressively delivered. If you believe this objective is not being met, you may withdraw from the Programme at any stage.

Will my business information be safe?

During the Programme Registration process, we co-sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects any information we may share. Digital files are stored on Microsoft OneDrive with its security protocols.

How long will the Programme take?

The initial Programme Schedule is 38 weeks based on the frequency and minimum number of Sessions outlined in Services. This schedule may be varied by agreement to either compress or extend the scope and/or frequency.

Are there measurable outcomes from the Programme?

Each Session has defined outcomes and the Monitoring & Control processes create KPI for each business function, that are regularly measured and reported.



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