Registration Information

The first step is to collect some preliminary information and ensure its confidentiality, as well as all future information we may share. Please find information and links to the documents which need to be completed and submitted with the form below:

  1. Client Partnership Charter which outlines our intent and values about how we can work together.
  2. A signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for you to co-sign, then return a copy to me.
  3. Organisation Size and Maturity Matrix. Please edit and complete.
  4. Please provide a digital copy of your preferred logo (.jpg or .png) to be used when creating your branded templates and proformas.

Could you please complete the requested tasks and return them to me by 2pm next Thursday

Unless you have another preference, all communications will be emailed to you for action or delegation within your office (also cc to other relevant stakeholders when applicable). We do this to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all activities and progress.

We stand by our Partnership Charter and as this is a collaborative programme (and as a sign of mutual respect), we do not ask you to sign an agreement, either party may leave the programme by giving two weeks’ notice to the other party. Accordingly, Sessions will be invoiced in advance for payment prior to the next Session.

I’m looking forward to working with you and your team, to step up to your next level.