Business Sustainability Benchmark (Survey)

Every practice is different, you have your unique set of skills, knowledge and experience, as well as your specific clients and their projects.

But every practice has to address seven distinct and fundamental business functions that must be developed and managed.

This simple Health Check allows you to benchmark your current status (Weak to Strong) on these business functions using your self-assessment of several key statements.

It will calculate your average score for each business function, then on completion, aggregate those averages into an overall score (NB: if you leave any statement as the default ‘0’ it will reduce your score).

We will always respect your privacy and this self-assessment will not be visible to anyone else, so to be of value to you, consider being as honest with yourself as possible.

There are no wrong answers.

Business Management
We have a well documented Business Strategy that clearly defines our Vision, Mission, Values and our unique offer for both our clients and our office, with a realistic understanding of our SWOT.
Weak Strong
We have a simple, documented Business Plan with major goals for 1,2 & 5 years, to deliver our strategy.
Weak Strong
We use documented and practical ’90 Day Action Plans’ to identify our interim objectives, and the required roles and resources.
Weak Strong
We document our weekly and monthly monitoring and controlling processes, using Exception Management of KPI to measure the progress against our Action Plans (and take remedial action when its required).
Weak Strong
We have a documented Risk Management strategy and Action Plan, as well as a Disaster Recovery Plan.
Weak Strong
We are developing our Exit Strategy and Plan.
Weak Strong
Financial Management
Quality Management System
Resources Management
Marketing Management
Sales Management
Project Management Office (PMO)